There is always a need to get that cozy, homely feeling whenever you are away from your sweet home and crave for that comfortable feeling of being at home. Be it a business tour or a holiday with your friends or family; need of homely feeling can be fulfilled by guest houses.  Mumbai is the place which is mainly popular as the economic capital of India and also a famous tourist spot of India. When you come to Mumbai there is a need of getting a comfortable place to stay. Staying in hotels is the easy way but what if you get your own home in Mumbai? Yes this is possible and you can get guest houses in navi Mumbai. These guest houses resemble to your home and give you the same homely feeling even in a city that is stranger to you. Guest houses in navi Mumbai are available at affordable rates and are very much comfortable. The cozy feeling of being in your own home is very important as you constantly feel secure in a new and completely stranger city. Home though being non living thing provides moral support and the warm feeling always protects you. The same feeling you get in the guest houses in navi Mumbai and you never feel lonely in the new city.

Guest houses in navi Mumbai are loaded with every small but important services and you need not to struggle to get the things right. These guest houses in navi Mumbai are similar to the service apartments in navi Mumbai and provide the same quality service at pocket friendly rent. The decision which you make to get guest houses in navi Mumbai for you and your family or your staff is worth the money you pay. All the facilities are loaded in the guest houses in navi Mumbai and that makes them worth stay in.


    • / March 25, 2010 Thanks Dear Gary, Yes I hope I’m going to the right direction as a new oglgber Thanks for you support as always.

      • Anonymous: Even we really loved the place and its preefct to sit back relax and enjoy some peacefull time…we havent tried their cakes yet excpet the red velet cupcake…Anonymous: we didnt try much from This cafe coz it was too late and we had to go in for a movie..maybe next time when we are in India we would give it another try :) then we shall taste the German Chocolate cake :)

  1. We will not cross silently like ships that pass in the night. I will call out to you to let you know what a utiueafbl ship you are.

    • N : :( im sorry but we really didnt enjoy the ice crmaes in india but yes we did love the kulfi ice cream which comes in a clay pot..its small in quantity but very delicious!! we did try a few outlets but i wouldnt compare it with the ice crmaes over here…maybe i could take the location details from u next time im visiting india :)

    • I’m amazed that you did not like the ice cermas. Did you happen to try any gelato outlets in Bombay? There are a couple of chains across the city with gelatos FAR superior to anything I have come across in Kuwait. In fact, I have even packed them all the way from Bombay because I couldn’t find anything better!

  2. I have a 2BHK flat in Road Pali Area 1070 sq feet. I would like to know if I can offer it as a Guest House or Corporate Lease. How much rent can I expect per month?